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A step by step guide of SEO Audit 15 minutes (a sample of SEO Secrets)


How important is your website found on search engines?
Can your company depends on the achievement of those who do not know your website exist?
What does it mean to get your site in organic search results!
Hello! I bleiveiss Allen - Business Marketing and Management Professional with more than 15 years of experience in Internet marketing, 10 of them in connection with Search Engine Optimization (CEO). Over the years I have helped small, medium and corporate clients use the Internet economy. Today I Audit Specialist Group CEO.

Director-General for Audit

Seo audit includes a comprehensive overview of your site and go out and thorough environmental review of your competitive Internet. Knowledge of this process, the Director General Audit, you will understand how your site for search engine indexing and evaluation of positions. To lock the keys to a prosperous people use to find your pages on Google, bingo and other search engines and web directories to find.
While most SEO Audit Director of many, if not everything that is wrong with your site through search engine optimization, professional SEO audit also list common to the whole plan is ready for your unique situation and audience. Any problem areas I list and description of the audit recommendations are my multitasking - information about the "road map" to ensure a high ranking in Google and other search engines.

CEO Action

This all seemed a bit to say, typical of most places lacks CEO. Another problem with the hand, step by step, the priorities of work to be done real long-term results. General for each check I write an action plan based on best practices director, is ready for some things. In pryoritizatyon various locations in design, it allows you to continue the important tasks: first,

It is important for most businesses and the webmaster will review the plan often need more time, resources and money than you could afford it, otherwise complete. Maybe it's because the overall economic reality or the department of budget constraints. Regardless of the cause or causes, a review of its CEO, you can be sure you can do what you can today, and focus on the time and money allow.

Anatomy CEO

Any control of my own ready for your specific situation. Generally, the CEO would probably include an overview of the place, but not necessarily limited to:

The main prize, a keyword analysis - evaluatuation and priorities 200-1000 grouping process
Deep analysis of the content - the content and depth of sowing Holiday Cross - CEO relationship to write the page
Code analysis - Under the hood inspection factors CEO
Related site assessment - an overview of the best places in your market
Social Media Landscape - Overview of social media in your market
(For more information, please read my article about the anatomy section Audi CEO 1 and Part 2)

Seo audit

Even though you hope that you will find that I am your one-stop resource for everything, CEO of the year where I was, like hats of all directors, the day I spent a very high efficiency audit manager. From there, I am pleased to present several qualified advisors - people and businesses in the Search Marketing I trust implicitly, that this part of the plan can handle my power. Alternativeli, you can find one to buy, you can hire to work, or if you already have, or a developer can do the job.

Director of Advisory Services

If you're in the three-party companies or consultants to decide on the plan in a realization of my posts, so I would be willing to facilitate ongoing consultation to implementation. I can guarantee that I'm online every audit client, simply because my design environment. Not only that, I have a full plate, I was probably a good portion of their time blogging - both in our and columnist at the foot of the curve when it is on best practices through online research and participation in conferences.

General Cup

So what is the best place to taste a wide range of audit practice director? Well, it depends on several factors. Already have a website, or simply run one? What is your focus on the market? How deep a competitive environment? What's Your Number? The importance of social media in your company or your competitors?

All these factors go Valuation Control CEO, who just 10 hours and 50 may be held in March or so, begin to control the price of $ 2,500.00 and can go from there.

Free Assessment of CEO

But what about all the companies offer free director more control?

Yes - in some companies, even some well-known companies that offer free tours. I can not for some reason. Firstly, I am not only to a superficial assessment of your site in less than an hour. It should be at least 10 minutes 15 minutes of your time. To 15 minutes of your working week to the ultimate goal to transfer complete step by step "road map" to spend on their actual success in business?

If you want, so I nahvalyuvaty. If you're like me and most industrious people in the world, you must be crazy to do so.

Lack of practical experience

With regard to the CEO, my experience has been unsuccessful. But do not take my word. Find out what clients and colleagues talking about me on LinkedIn. Or my column on, one of the most trusted source in the industry and are looking for Ad Age blogs marketing forces in the 150th As regards studying the problem, or am not an expert, I know I can not ask for answers - one of the relatively specialized in their field.

And to be honest, when I check the hands, you are welcome to go - go somewhere else to train. As I said above, I ask him! So that's my thing - the dress rehearsal, I earn a living.

So if you are interested in this service, you can be sure that you get the best control.
Answer only the question of why you are ready to target that you hope to achieve the site?

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