Monday, July 26, 2010

How a Website SEO Audit will help your business ?

Seo Website Audits are increasingly the first place clients call when they try
information about the company or its products, even if they do not want
buy online genuine. Web sites shows that most companies' primary.
Research shows if a customer had a bad experience on your website
Not only are you less likely to buy online, but would also affect
likelihood of doing business with you. They judged
your brand as a whole based on their bad experiences and are likely
tell their friends .*

Very often I find that the websites were developed and launched without seeking
Engine Optimization takes into account or considered, and often without
usefulness of accurate, structure and information about customer needs,
considered. These are two important factors inconvenience to your business. First, there is potential customers will find the information they need quickly, or worse, what you offer, which means that they leave your site and go somewhere else on the side of the competitor.

Secondly, search engines do not collect your site right, if any, you
lose out to competitors as your competitor are not only stronger and more intelligent
site than you, but they also have greater visibility in their search sites
for leads and potential customers.

Search is an always-on medium, and customers are searching 24 hours a
day, 365 days a year for products, services and information. So if you’re
not listed or ranked, your website’s return on investment will be minimal.
84% of searchers never reach Page 3 of the search engine results. One study
discovered that the top 3 Google results get 79% of all clicks, and the
nearer your site is to the number one position, the greater the chance that
website visitors will convert to actual sales and you will stand out from the crowd.

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