Monday, July 26, 2010

What Website Seo Audit cover?

Seo Audits, here are the basics ...
Much 'on' statistical criteria using search engines
Explore the organic results for seniors. As the flight of SEO studies, they
Advertise your website and the use of the business' core USPS, with
to improve search for important trends, a strategy to parent site.
Technical SEO recommendations request the appropriate
nothing to explore the malicious Web site or its Engine Ranking

Traded Following are some of the key elements involved in specific
SEO into account:
// Page title tag
// Page header
// Meta description tag
// Meta keywords tag
// Alternative text (alt) attribute for images
// Optimise HTML links – ‘anchor’ text
// Optimise HTML image links
– the link’s title attribute
// SEO Text/Keyword Density
// Internal linking
// Cleaning up CSS code

As all websites are unique, each tailored to reflect the SEO Audit
specific markets and customers. Therefore, the work requires
comply with the audit recommendations and ensure maximum benefit from freely vary from location to location.

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