Monday, July 26, 2010

SEO Audit case studies:

/ / Madison accountants based in withington, Manchester
They just wanted their presence and implementation of traffic improvements
search engines (mostly Google).
Within four weeks after the implementation of SEO Audit
in the top 5 results returned Google
The word "accountants in withington (they were eighth in the
Yahoo and MSN second Bing). They were very pleased
First results returned by Google, Yahoo and MSN /
Bing asks' Court in Manchester.
Their investigations and traffic enforcement has increased and now
to generate business in and outside of their normal
catch area - in towns such as Runcorn.
They are now looking for further improvements
online marketing in 2010 for the Yellow Pages

Large corporate audit - completed in June 2009

/ / Bristol Street Motors, part of Vertu Motors Plc, wild
improve the ranking of search engines for demolition
Grant site in a very tight schedule and
tight budget.
Within three weeks after the implementation of SEO audit
they are in the top 5 in Google for key search terms
"Breaking the quota. They are also third MSN / Bing and
Before Yahoo! New website traffic authorities, inquiries and sales
All are created, and they are very satisfied with this product can offer.

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